Partial view of Tony Mayo’s art studio and some of his vast collection of tools, materials and artifacts from around the world.

Tony Mayo is happy to create an original piece of custom artwork just for you. Please contact us with any inquires you may have. Tony can create a one of a kind sculpture, bust portrait, piece of jewelry, custom ceramic, exclusive drawing, personalized drum or any item comparable to those in the galleries.

Mr. Mayo has traveled 96 countries around the world searching for rare and exotic materials that he readily incorporates in the manufacture of his creations. Tony has also studied with various indigenous artists from many regions of the globe in an effort to learn their skills as well as use of materials and designs. The influence of world cultures is visible in Mayo’s artwork. Furthermore, the rare and unusual articles used in his art make each piece strikingly uncommon. Tony never makes any two pieces of art the same; each item is unique.

In his quest for the unusual and atypical, Tony is continually experimenting with new techniques and materials in all the media in which he works. In his thirst to produce varied and challenging art, Mr. Mayo is often required to invent and create his own unique tools, techniques, glazes or use of materials.

We are so convinced you will be pleased with your custom artwork that we guarantee each piece.