Flamingo Flight


Flamingo Flight


Here we see a lone Andean Flamingo from the Peruvian Andes Mountains before takeoff. Just as an airplane can’t take flight without first gaining ground speed, flamingos run across the water with head and legs outstretched while flapping their wings until liftoff speed is accomplished.

Andean Flamingos are classified as vulnerable. One of the main reasons for decreased numbers is increased mining activities that pollute the waters in which flamingos feed and breed. Mining has caused a decline of successful breeding in established colonies, resulting in colonies which are now comprised of less than one percent juvenile birds. In addition, illegal egg collecting has increased due to international demand for flamingo egg consumption. Furthermore, because of their appeal to collectors of exotic species, poachers trap Andean Flamingos for shipment to worldwide destinations.

With this blank white void, I hoped to give the impression of this beautiful creature slipping into oblivion. It is seen all alone in this massive expanse of water which is indistinguishable except for the splash around the Flamingo’s foot. The lonely void seems to have no beginning or end, suggesting the overwhelming odds against survival. At the same time, the bird’s large strong wings, and its look of determination, invoke a sense of inner strength and resolve to survive.

This minimalist image is deceptive as it was actually very demanding to paint. It takes a steady hand to paint these smooth even lines. It’s also difficult to freehand paint lines of uniform width. There is little room for error when painting black on white. If one errs with the black paint, it’s almost impossible to remove it, or cover over it with white paint.

I find this desolate image very beautiful, and at the same time very sad. It almost brings me to tears.

“A melancholic beauty you have created dear Tony. Thank you from my heart for presenting another unique gift to our world.” – Munia Khan, Internationally Recognized Poet.


Original Acrylic Painting: 30” H x 40” W
Including Frame: 33” H x 43” W |$1,200 US


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