Moon Eagle Mandala

Eagles play an important role in balancing nature because they help keep rodent populations in check. Furthermore, eagles eat animal carcasses and therefore are an indispensable cleanup crew that helps control disease.

On the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I squatted for one year in a small driftwood shack covered with plastic. One kilometer up the coast from my shanty, on top of a rugged cliff, grew a huge Douglas Fir. That very tall tree hung out over the Pacific Ocean and in its crown cradled an enormous Bald Eagle’s nest. I loved watching that family of birds swoop in and out of their nest and hunt along the coastline. I had one little window in my shack from which I could view that nest. One day the adult male eagle flew so close to my window that I could actually see the minute details of his eye.

Although eagles don’t see very well at night, sometimes an eagle will hunt far from home and it will be evening before it returns to its nest. In this mandala, an eagle descends into its nest, its outstretched wings and body perfectly silhouetted against a full moon.

Original, One of a Kind Mixed Media Painting 41.5” H X 41.5” W

Including a Beautiful Frame with an Acrylic, UV Protected, Anti-Static, Non-Glare Cover:

42” X 42” | $975 US


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