Mt. Baker from Cooper’s Farm


Painted with super fine brushes while wearing magnifying goggles, this painting required approximately one and a half hours per square inch to complete. Each tree needle and each small dot were painted individually. Please note that the patterns of the needles differ on each tree. Also note that the painting continues around the edge of the canvas and that the canvas “floats” away from the frame.

The minute details are best viewed using a magnifying glass.

Majestic Mt. Baker, at 3,286 meters (10,781 feet), is a glaciated active volcano. To local Sto:lo First Nations, Mt. Baker, the tallest mountain in the region, is known as “Kwelxa”. Kwelxa is considered the Father Mountain. The second tallest mountain in the area, Mt. Cheam at 2,104 meters (6,903 feet), is called “Lhileqey” by the Sto:lo. To the Sto:lo, Lhileqey is considered the Mother Mountain and wife of Kwelxa.


Original, One of a Kind Acrylic Painting: 12” H x 16” W
Includes Beautiful Frame: 18” H x 22” W | $1,200 US


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