Peace Be Still


When storms come into our lives, as they sometimes do, it would be well for us to do as the birds and peacefully put our trust in God. As we seek Him, He will care for us and guide us until the storm passes.

On the right side of the drawing, a storm rages while a bird sits peacefully in its nest in the cleft of the rock, trusting God for protection. In the middle of the drawing, the sun breaks through the black clouds. On the left side of the drawing, the sea is calm and the sun is bright as a person walks peacefully along the ocean’s shore, having emerged from their own inner storm.

This is a limited-edition of 100 prints. The original drawing was done with pen and ink and took over one hundred hours to complete. To do the drawing, high-powered magnifying glasses were worn and a .13mm pen was used. Each of the tens of thousands of dots was made individually.

It is uncommon to have an edition of only 100 prints. When there are a small number of prints in circulation, their rarity adds to their value.


Limited Edition of 100 Prints: Image 8” H x 12” W | $40 US each


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