Only 15 prints were made for this limited edition. Printed on Japanese rice paper, this is number 9 of 15 prints. This style of woodblock print is called a “Chiaroscuro Woodcut”. When creating chiaroscuro woodcuts, each colour is printed on a different woodblock. In this case, three individual blocks were cut. One for the light grey textured background. A second for the black tree branch and the outline of the bird. A third block was cut for the bird’s golden colour. When printing chiaroscuro woodcuts, the challenge is to get all woodblocks and colours to line up.

As individual prints are made, the edges of the design get worn away. Therefore, the lower numbered prints are considered more valuable. Sometimes 100’s or even 1,000’s of prints are made. It is uncommon to have an edition of only 15 prints. When there are a small number of prints in circulation, their rarity adds to their value.


Limited Edition of 15 Woodblock Prints: Image is 10” W x 30” H
Only One Left (Framed with Double Matting): 15.25” W x 35.5” H | $425 US


Mt. Baker from Cooper’s Farm | Mt. Cheam, Near the Summit | Spanish Banks, Vancouver BC | Flamingo Flight | Banded Ground Cuckoo | Akiapola ‘au | Mauritius Fody | Christmas Island Frigate | Abstract #1  | Wonderfully Made Hands | Wonderfully Made Praying Hands | Wonderfully Made Fingers | Wonderfully Made Thumbs | Wonderfully Made Feet | Great White Egret Courtship | Great White Egret Mating Dance | Eagle Returns to Nest | Nesting Albatross | Male Bali Myna | Peace Be Still | Moon Eagle Mandala | Resting | The Gaspe | Abstract #2