The Gaspe


The Gaspe Peninsula is located in Quebec along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. While visiting the region, I was struck by the narrow long segments of farmland. When I asked why the land was sectioned as shown in this print, I was told the following:

The first settlers acquired large allotments of farmland. As an inheritance to their sons, they wanted to divide the land fairly, giving each son access to the river and to timber in the highlands. Each son desired to do the same for their sons. Over the generations, the parcels were divided narrower and narrower with each portion stretching from the river to the highland timber.

It is uncommon to have an edition of only 15 prints. When there are a small number of prints in circulation, their rarity adds to their value.


Limited Edition of 15 Etched Prints: Image is 6.5” H x 9” W
Only One Left (Framed) With UV Protected, Non-Glare Glass and Double Matting:
13.5’ H x 16” W | $290 US


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