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Original Prints

Each photography print is signed by Tony Mayo and is available in these sizes:

5 X 7 – $5.00 US
8 X 8 – $10.00 US
8 X10 – $13.00 US
12 X12 – $ 24.00 US
12 X 18 – $24.00 US
18 X 24 – $37.00 US
24 X 36 – $48.00 US
24 X 48 – $64.00 US

Additional sizes and enlargements are available upon request. Some of the photographs have been cropped by the artist and therefore may be slightly smaller than the measurements indicated above.

All pricing is in USA dollars. Taxes and shipping costs are additional.


Purchasing Photography

Thousands of additional photographs are available in a wide range of subjects.  Photographs were taken in remote regions of ninety-six countries  around the world I have traveled to. To purchase any of these photos, please contact Tony

Each photograph has a number. Example: “1-10” is from Gallery 1, photo #10. Please use these numbers when ordering. In your email, please include:

  • The # of the photo(s) you’d like to purchase
  • The dimensions of each photo
  • The quantity of each photo