Battle of The Orca & Thunderbird

Battle of the Orca and Thunderbird 

Won Best of Show in the “2018 Artists for Conservation International Wildlife Exhibition “

The Cowichan people on the West Coast of Canada have a legend regarding a battle between an Orca (Killer Whale) and The Thunderbird.

There was a time during the spawning season when absolutely no salmon came up the Cowichan River.

The salmon are the most important food source that sustain the Cowichan people through the winter, so they scouted the river and discovered a Supernatural Orca had claimed the mouth of the Cowichan river and was mercilessly eating the salmon.

The Cowichan people paddled their mighty war canoes out to The Orca, but trying with all their strength, they could not drive away the huge orca.

The medicine people of all the Cowichan villages joined with all the people and sang their most powerful songs calling upon supernatural Thunderbird for help.

Thunderbird appeared and soon locked in a fierce battle with The Orca. Thunderbird was victorious and the salmon run was liberated.

In this sculpture, The Orca and The Thunderbird can be seen interlocked in battle with Thunderbird latched tightly around the belly of The Orca.

Sculpted from Pyrophyllite from South Africa and suspended with an Acrylic Rod above a beautiful base of hand cut and polished Aventurine from Brazil.

Height 11”, Width 10”, Depth 6.25”;  $1,950 US

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