Jonah And The Great Whale

Jonah and The Great Whale

Jonah And The Great Whale

This sculpture is made from precious materials and took 2,000 hours to create. Because of difficult angles and hard to reach areas, Mr. Mayo often crafted his own hand tools. The whale, an orca, is carved from basswood grown on Vancouver Island and even inside the orca’s mouth, under the tongue and down the esophagus are finely sculpted. The finish was achieved with ten layers of Varathane, hand sanded with ultra fine paper between each coat; the final coat was cut polished.

The orca’s teeth are carved from the roots of arctic fox teeth found on King William Island in Canada’s High Arctic. Jonah is sculpted from antique hippopotamus tooth. Hippopotamus tooth is considered the finest ivory in the world. At 1.75” long, and smaller than your thumb, upon close inspection you will note that every muscle, joint and tendon are portrayed on Jonah; no details are missing.

The base is a natural piece of Native Copper found on the surface of the ground near Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario in 1929. Pieces of Native Copper this large are extremely rare. This sculpture comes complete with a beautiful hand made copper trimmed black glass base and clear glass cover. The sculpture was made without the aid of power tools.

Sculpture Base 11.25” X 8.5”, Sculpture Height 11.25”, Whale Length 14”, Jonah Length 1.75”

Glass base and cover, Height 14.5”, Width 13.5”, Depth 13.5”.              Total Cost: $19,500 US

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