Stó:lō Style First Nations Drum

Created from the following materials, all of which are from Canada: Yellow cedar wood frame, Deer hide, Native tanned moose hide, Black bear fur, Small bird wing bones, Quail wishbone, Caribou sinew, Canadian goose feathers, Blue jay tip feathers, Polished deer hooves, Antique trade beads, Handmade shell beads, Glass beads, Brass tacks and Paint.

I can create a custom made twelve sided Stó:lō style drum specifically for you. I have a variety of sizes and many drum face images for you to choose from. The embellishments will vary depending upon what I have available, but I can assure you, they will be equally exotic materials. If you are interested in purchasing this, or any of Mayo’s art, please contact me

Height 25” (including embellishments)
Width 14”
Depth 3”
Drumstick overall length 18.5” | SOLD

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