Surfing Seal

While on a British Columbia West Coast beach, I was watching seals riding the surf as the sun set behind the waves. A huge wave rose up and the sun shone right through the lovely emerald green water revealing the full form of a graceful seal with its flippers and tail spread out wide. The seal looked like it was flying as it rode the swell coming directly toward me.

Sculptured from silver gray-green Soapstone mined in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Base was cut from an exquisite piece of Quilted Maple from the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Quilted Maple is rare. It occurs when the trunk of a Western Bigleaf Maple divides, growing in two different directions. Occasionally, this causes tension in the woodgrain, producing a “quilted” rippled appearance. View this base from various angles and you will note the grain running in one direction with ripples running perpendicular to it. At a certain angle, the ripples appear to glow, producing a “Tiger Eye” effect.


14.5” H x 11.5 W x 7.5” D | $925 US


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