Testimonials by internationally recognized Artists, Galleries and Collectors from around the world


Barn Owl Beauty, Fraser Valley BC

“Over the past 46 years, while studying this amazing world of art we live in, I have never before been so mesmerized by any living artist’s bio as I have by yours! The life you have lived, the roads you have traveled, the astounding creativity and the exciting genres and perfection in detail. You Sir, are the embodiment of true artistic genius. Your life story should make the ultimate art documentary and big screen film. In retrospect, in my humble opinion, every single student or person who has had the privilege of being taught by you will treasure those moments. I believe that every museum of modern art should have at least one of your artworks in their major collections. In fact, I would also consider the possibility of a self-sustaining art museum and gallery in Canada or the USA. The Tony Mayo Arts (and music?) Trust. I suggest an “amoeba” type building with the central core being an auditorium for music soiree’s and concerts with the walls and various interconnecting galleries which can be utilized – and a VIP gallery of your works. Every time there is a concert your work will be on exhibition and viewed by all before and after a concert. Just think of the possibilities and the enormous interest and job creation. Your original artworks will be on exhibition and a selection of your creations can be reproduced by master foundries in unique Limited Editions. The mind boggles. Sincere and Best Regards.” – Nicholas Geddes, Internationally recognized Fine Art Consultant, Researcher and Historian, Johannesburg, South Africa


“I have just viewed your great works. You are indeed an amazing artist with an adventurous spirit. Your Self-Portrait ceramic sculpture ‘Bust’ is the most beautiful creation! I also loved “Back Flip Orca”, “Jonah and The Great Fish”, “Boy Who Became an Eagle”, “The Second Kiss”, “The Raven” and many others. Thank you very much for sharing your excellent works! Regarding your book, “Twenty-Nine Lives”, you must be one of those very few brave people in the world who let fear be scared of them instead of being afraid of fear. And death is elsewhere.” “…you, being an artist, can talk more poetically to the world than many poets only through your beautiful paintings as every stroke of your brush speaks louder than words. You should know that you are as rare and wonderful as the rarest color from Monet’s palette! Keep up your amazing work Tony!” – Munia Khan, A prolific and highly respected international Poet, Author and Editor Dhaka, Bangladesh and England. Ms. Khan has been published in eighteen languages 



“I visited your website and you do FANTASTIC work! I really admire your style.” – Owen Yoshino, creative Director/Principal concept Designer – Walt Disney Imagineering, Los Angeles


“Ooh la la! I hallucinate when I look at all your sculptures! They are more than beautiful! You are very gifted, and I must say, a very great ARTIST!! I really congratulate you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel among all these marvels. BRAVO TONY MAYO!” – Marie-Christine Dernoncourt, an exceptionally talented abstract artist, Beuvry, France


“I checked out your pieces ONLINE and WOW, you are a very talented and accomplished artist, I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! Your book, “Twenty-Nine Lives”, seems a very interesting read!” – Kristi Birnie, Director of Color Design and Production Merchandising for Arc’terx Clothing Design and Manufacturing, Vancouver


“Wow!! Great sculpture of you on your home page. Great details, looks just like you. I was just reading your ‘Twenty-Nine Lives’, and bless your heart in every way!!! Especially your 39 years teaching. Tony, I am extremely impressed with your work!” – Jennifer Motis, Educator, Artist, Brooklyn, New York


“Your work is marvelous. I loved your glasswork, and your website is neat, classy and very well presented. Also, your book, Wow! It seems interesting. Will get it for sure. Best Regards.” – Sonali Kukreja, Resident Artist at Austin Art Space Gallery, Austin, Texas


“Oh, my goodness Tony! I just checked out your website. Stunning!!!!! Yours is the type of work I admire most, because it takes so much talent, time and skill to make something look sooo realistic. You are a true inspiration to me.” – Glenda Scott, Mural Artist, Great Falls Montana


“Creations by Tony Mayo have a high standard of excellence. His sculptures are well thought out and carved with a perfect balance of clean lines, smooth textures and pinpoint accuracy. The end result is a beautiful marriage of modern and traditional representation.” – Eric Armusik, Classical Figurative Artist and Painter of Human Emotions, Hamburg, Pennsylvania, (First place winner of the prestigious Atlas Art Contest)


“Your website is great! Especially your drawing, WOOOOOW! I loved them; they are really strong! You are truly an expert. It would be a pleasure to work with a master like you.” – Pegah Valizad, International Painter and Teacher of Art, Tehran, Iran and Vancouver


“Your sculptural portrait is very accurate and brilliantly modeled; Donatello and Michelangelo are touched there! I congratulate you!” – Mircho Koleshev, Bulgaria Academy of Fine Arts


“I’m impressed with your artistic talent and love for nature and the outdoors. You are making a difference in a variety of ways to keep nature and our planet and all that it offers, safer for generations to come. Keep up the excellent work Tony.” – Dr. Neal Mutadi, Superintendent of Schools, University Professor, Researcher, Author, Public Speaker, British Columbia, Canada


“You have a very nice style, very appealing. Lovely!” – Tim Miller, Owner of TK Miller Sculpting, Peyton, Colorado. Tim has worked on Star Wars, Various Marvel Movies, Lord of the Rings and many other major movies


“Your graphite hand drawings are so perfectly shaded with anatomy beautifully delineated. I admired your sfumato very much.” (Sfumato – “the technique of allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing outlines blended in such a manner that they melt into one another without perceptible transitions, lines or edges”) – Cynthia Willett, Visual Artist, New York City


“Thank you for the stunning photos of your brilliant work. The selection panel unanimously asked me to contact you with an invitation to become a member of ArtParks. I discovered what a polymath you are and am even more delighted to welcome you.” (Polymath – “a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning”) – Peter de Sausmarez, owner, ArtParks International Ltd., Island of Guernsey, ArtParks is largest sculpture website in the world with over 30,000 hits a day


“Your site is beautiful and reflects you! Words are too small to describe your art! True! Purity! Vibration! Magnificent work and also a very beautiful artistic career! I praise you and all you have lived! The picture on the cover of your book, your photographs, your hand drawings and sculptures are expressive and manifest the richness of nature, the diversity of life, as well as difficulty, risk, world space, warriors and confidence! Magnificent! BRAVO and THANK YOU!” – Gisèle Dalla Longa, Fine Artist, Aquitaine, France (Recipient of numerous international awards)


“Your work is beautiful. Extremely well executed! I feel that your work is timeless.” – Gallen Benson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, A highly acclaimed and awarded international jeweler


“I enjoyed viewing your work. I know they are much more impressive than the photos reveal. I was particularly taken with the snakes. A feat of mastery in stone; a material I am quite familiar with. Congratulations!” – Gerard Kelly, Artist from Peru with an international reputation for the production of Fine Art in a wide range of media. His work can be found in private, public and government collections internationally


“Tony, you produce beautiful work in multiple materials with painstaking craftsmanship. Your sculptures are one of a kind.” – Dennis Thomas Swinburne, Disney Imagineer and Automotive Design Industry, Los Angeles, California


“I saw your website and it is great! Especially your drawing, WOOOOOW! I loved them; they are really strong! You are truly an expert. It would be a pleasure to work with a master like you.” – Pegah Valizad, International Painter and Teacher of Art, Tehran, Iran and Vancouver


“Your website is amazing. The breadth and diversity of your talent is even more amazing. I love the simplicity of the website. There’s so much to see, but it’s so easy to maneuver. Congratulations!” – Elaine Wyatt, Past Chair of the Canadian chapter of The Explorers Club and present Membership Coordinator


“All your artworks are perfect! My favorites are the photography and the glass. The black glass sculpture is unique. Fantastic work! Your self-portrait is beautiful.” – Shahin de Heart, “Painting Is Thinking”, Westfalen, Germany; an International artist with many pieces in private and public collections.


“It must have been difficult to get such a good likeness of your face since you can’t see the round parts from a mirror. I love your jewelry and glass work too!” – Doris Golbert, Fine Artist


 “Your site is beautiful and reflects you! Words are too small to describe your art! True! Purity! Vibration! I simply say Thank you!” – Dalla Longa, Fine Artist (Dalla has won numerous art awards), France


“I’m looking at your website and I’m finding it beautiful! You have a lot of variation in terms of art expression, which I think is wonderful. It reflects the influence of the multicultural life experiences you have had.” – Sofia Passariello Fontiveros, 3D Artist at Rivio Entertainment Ltd., Helsinki, Finland


“Your art is powerful! I particularly liked the polished glass sculptures, the Incredible Photo Gallery with great compositions and the wonderful Jewelry Gallery. In fact, all of your artwork is inspirational. You live in such a beautiful part of Canada and your paintings capture it so well.” – Debbie Walsh, Graphic Artist and Art Therapist at Youth and Family Services, Canada


“I had a look at your website and am very impressed. You do fabulous work and are very diversified! I’m particularly impressed with your self-portrait bust! Wow; that is so well done!” – Zaan Claassens, Graphic Artist, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa


“To say that your artworks are beautiful is really not enough! You have created outstanding masterpieces with remarkable care. I have fallen in love with them! Kindest Regards.” – Megid Khedhiry, Fine Artist and Executive Assistant of Education at the Ministry of Education in Tunisia


“Wow! Very nice! You have an amazing cross section of art media. Your level of fit and finish is wonderful. I also really enjoy the fact that your work is so broad when it comes to subject matter. You are not slotted into one subject that you do over and over again. So many artists get “stuck” once they start to sell and don’t change their work after that.” – Brent Cooke, Internationally Highly Respected Sculptor and Museum Curator


“I have visited your website and what a pleasant surprise! Your work is fantastic! What a beautiful self-portrait! I also was impressed by the pictures of nature and the beautiful sculptures! You are a great artist. I hope to see a lot more beautiful work by you!” – Mieke van der Welle, Owner of Mieke van der Welle, Fine Art Photography, Rotterdam, Netherlands


“You are a wonderful artist – I am very much impressed by the quality of your work. ‘Art is simplicity, purity and truth’, and I feel your art adheres to this motto. I love the fact you have been involved with various cultures. You have been added to a list I consider ‘true artist’.” – Christiane Shertz, Artist and Author, Los Angeles 


“You are brilliant! Everything you touch comes alive.” – Mara Sfara, International Artist of high esteem, Fatmington, Connecticut


“You have such an impressive collection of sculptures made of materials most people would never dream of using. Your “forms” are all so unique. It is always a pleasure to meet devoted and impassioned artists like you.” – Patricia C. Nowak, Fine Arts Educator, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio


“Having visited Tony Mayo’s website, I can say he is indeed multi-talented. His skills spread right across all media, including writing. Tony is a very gifted man.” – Gill Bridgestock, Award winning Silversmith, Tonbridge, United Kingdom


“Your work is exceptional in creativity and technically!” – R. Zarkov, Animation Artist, Serbia


“I viewed your website and I said WOW!! Your art is beautiful with lovely flows, soft movement, lively colors and attractive subjects. It will be my pleasure to present you in my upcoming exhibitions.” – Mona Youssef, Mona Youssef Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada


“I have visited your website and I am amazed by the dynamics of your life and the variety of your work. Tony, I recognize your talents and skills. It’s good to know that you are out there.” – Hratch Israelian, Los Angeles (Highly respected international abstract artist)


“I saw your website…amazing…I like so much your work…you are really an artist! I hope we can share an international exhibition together.” – Lorenzo Chinnici, Italy (Highly acclaimed international Artist)


“I had a look at your many and varied artworks. All quite wonderful!” – Daniel Wood (Winner of 34 regional, national, and international writing awards and the author of 14 books)


“Your art is magnificent…you are a true MASTER!” – Jose F. Caro M.D., Pastel Artist and Distinguished Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Indiana


“Your sculpture of the “Backflip Orca” literally took my breath away! I don’t know how to explain the effect your impressive attention to detail has on the viewer, but it DEFINITELY instantly pays off. I look forward to experiencing more of your writing and artwork. It’s all very inspirational to me.” – Johar Amor, Composer of Music and linguist, Germany


“Tony, I’ve checked out your website and I’m totally in awe of your prodigious and diverse talent.” (Prodigious – “remarkably or impressively great in extent, size or degree”) – Chris Fong, Arts Professional, Brisbane, Australia


“I love, love, love your work – magnificent!!! Would you like to be featured in ATHEZOC.” – Stephen Fountain, Founder, Executive Director and Designer at ATHEZOC, South Bend, Indiana


“Hi Tony, I am very honored to be connected with you. Your website is just amazing. I love your work and the incredible detail that you give to each piece is fantastic. I will share your website with everyone.” – Sharron Pitchard, Assistant Director TPLS Consultants, Canberra, Australia


“Tony! Very fine work, your sculptures are exquisite!” – Valerie Johnson, Sales Associate, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia Museums and Institutions


“Hello Tony, you are great and your work is formidable!” (Formidable – “inspiring respect through being impressively powerful, intense, or capable”) – Gérard Gratadour, Director of Gérard Gratadour Photography, Czech Republic


“Your website is amazing. Your work is sublime.” (Sublime – “of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration”) – Trey Coppland Art and Design, Champaign, Illinois


“Your sculptures are GORGEOUS! You are truly amazing.” – Sheryl Boury, Senior Wedding Producer & Designer, Lynn Fletcher Weddings, Calgary, Alberta (Ms. Boury’s work has been featured in numerous high-quality magazines)


“Mayo’s diligent and dexterous approach to unique materials is informed by a lifetime of travel and collecting.” – Laura Schneider, Director of The Reach Museum, Canada


“I have viewed your website and found it to be incredible! Your work is exceptional.” – Henry Young, Fine Art Broker & Consultant, Davenport, Florida


“Quite the website, beautiful work! My daughters and I enjoyed looking at all of your art and all the interesting people in your photos! (I don’t think they’ve seen anything like it, before!)” – Vangel Roberts, Personal Development Coach & Motivational Speaker, Victoria, British Columbia


“I really appreciated your excellent portfolio and superb creativity. I’m glad I looked at your remarkable website.” – Matthew C. Thompson, Founder & International Chairman & Exhibitions Director of “Art Rain” Cork, Ireland